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We are a nonprofit group located in Westchester County New York. Our goal is to increase the computer knowledge of our 300 members. Our Main Meetings are held once a month. We have over 20 Workshops that meet on a regular basis and discuss everything from beginner topics to the latest in programming languages. Please join us!

Main Meetings 

How ’bout them Apples

January 8, 2015 — 7 p.m.

White Plains Middle School
Room 261

Plan now to attend!

Craig Vogel is an infrastructure technologist
with more than 25 years of experience working
with Microsoft- and PC-related technologies.
He started working with Mac systems in 2004 and has been an Apple Certified Consultant
since 2010.

After working for companies of various sizes
beginning in 1988, Craig then formed his
company, myComputerGuy, inc., in 2002 to
address the IT consulting needs of small
businesses and home users. His website
address is

Craig will talk to us about Apple’s iCloud system,
the Apple product line and ecosystem, and his favorite topic, switching from Windows to the Mac.

For further information, contact Tom Osbeck at

Mobile Devices

February 5, 2015 — 7 p.m.

White Plains Middle School
Room 261

Plan now to attend!

Jeff Ronnermann is a technician with one of the
national cellular carriers. He does device repair,
customer education, and sales professionally,
and program as a hobby. He loves computers of
all shapes and sizes.

Jeff’s talk is about how the personal computer
has moved from the desk to the lap, to the pocket,
how different form factors offer new abilities
while presenting different challenges, how users
are adapting, and how developers and users can
best bridge these gaps.

Get your PC, smartphone, tablet, and carrier
questions ready!

For further information, contact Tom Osbeck at

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Westchester PC-Renew - We refurbish donated computers and provide them free to nonprofit groups in the community who can't afford to purchase new computers.

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